Care Instructions

Silk is a natural, luxury fabric and like all things natural they must be treated with care and respect to ensure longevity. 

Our pure silk scarves are hand-rolled and the hems are hand-stitched, however, they only last if you take care of them properly. Due to the delicate nature of pure natural silk, they should be hand washed and never washed in a washing machine.

We highly recommend that your scarf be professionally dry-cleaned to keep looking its best. 

Washing your silk scarf

  • Gentle detergent
  • Cool water temperature
  • Do not machine-wash
  • Do not machine-dry
  • Hand-wash only
  • Allow the scarf to air-dry on a flat surface


Silk should be slightly damp when pressed. Use a cool to warm iron setting, it should never be hot. Press the scarf on the opposite (wrong side) of the fabric using a piece of clean white cloth between the silk and the iron. Be careful not to iron over the hand-rolled hem of your scarf.

Storing your Silk scarves

Your silk scarf should always be stored in a dry place. 

Your Elizabeth Getrude Silk Scarves arrive in our signature gift wrapping boxes tied with a satin grosgrain ribbon compliments of Elizabeth Getrude to allow for easy Gift Giving.